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June 9th and 10th, 2015

Executive Director Richard Rollinson is a keynote speaker at the SIRCC 2015 Conference, "Steps to Success: Supporting transitions through and beyond residential child care", June 9th and 10th, 2015, at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow. For more information, CLICK HERE.


November 20th-22nd, 2015

Executive Director Richard Rollinson is speaking on "Disturbed/delinquent children" at the London conference of the Winnicott Trust, organised to mark and celebrate the launch of the long-awaited newly-edited Collected Works of psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott. The conference is entitled "A CELEBRATION OF THE COLLECTED WORKS OF D.W. WINNICOTT: DONALD WINNICOTT AND THE HISTORY OF THE PRESENT", and is being held at the Brunei Gallery of the School of Oriental and African Studies. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Two years ago, with P.E.T.T.'s semi-centennial in 2016 in sight, the Trust embarked on an ambitious programme of renewal and restoration of its buildings and grounds. This is reaching a crescendo as we go to publication (February, 2015), with the complete re-decoration of the inside of the accommodation building,  Barns House, including all new carpets, mattresses, curtains, linens...

Next up comes the Old Building, with make-over for the bedrooms there, and a new kitchen and bathroom for the use of the people who are fortunate enough to use these rooms.

Here, we have a sneak look at the freshly appointed Barns House...


img 0427

img 0429

img 0432

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lady 01



The White Lady of Toddington, aka 'The White Cathedral of the Cotswolds', aka 'The White Cathedral of the Vale' (of Evesham) (see its fuller history in the Guest article here), is one of artist Damien Hirst's most audacious and conceptually accomplished works. Toddington's early Victorian manor is wrapped in white shrouding which is visible for miles across the flat Evesham plain, and from the surrounding hills.

As a monumental environmental piece, the White Lady is designed to interact with the changing of the seasons and the cycle of night and day to spring new surprises each time it's seen. If you can only see it once, choose a bright summer's day, when it is laid out against the splendid green lawns and manicured trees of the Toddington Estate; or come upon it by surprise at clear dawn when it catches and plays with the colours of a new day being born.

But if you can come more than once, make one visit in high summer, when the trees are in bloom and the white towers are hidden; come again in late autumn or deep winter, when the trees have been stripped back to their skeletal frames and the White Lady is revealed gloriously triumphant through the lace of their branchings; and visit  again in full Spring, when the flowers and buds unfold and Nature hides the Lady in another veil for another year; like an immense sundial of the seasons, marking the passage of time.

Best of course, as with all works of great art, is to encounter it afresh each day, at different times of the day, in different weathers: to be startled, and soothed, and drawn deeper into the underlying conversation of the Lady with Time, with Nature, and the fundamentals of human being.



lady 02

lady 03

Trust Chairman Rosemary Lilley writes:

Regular visitors and readers of the PETT eNewsletter will have watched with interest the growing strength of our Kaki tree - our living symbol of remembrance, peace and hope. See the article on the kaki tree, and the Revive Time Kaki Tree Project HERE.

On 11 November 2014, and despite heavy rain, those present at PETT took time out to commemorate Remembrance Day, laying some flowers and having a few minutes for personal reflection.

kakitree 2014 11 11


The grounds are filled with fruiting plants

(All photographs taken on October 7th, 2014)













and the hum of fruitful labour


The New Building with scaffolding and ladders, to replace the facing timbers


Between guests and groups, Simon and his small team have worked through the summer rejuvenating the buildings and grounds. Taking advantage here of a fine run of late summer sun.




September 8, 2014