Monday 17th December 2018


Dear Friends,

As you already know the Planned Environment Therapy Trust will be formally closing its doors this week and transferring all assets and responsibilities to The Mulberry Bush Organisation. At this time of new beginnings, we wish to recognise the incredible journey that brings us here.

PETT's last newsletter, edited by Craig, expressed so much that we wish to say, and again we thank him for his enduring dedication to developing the PETT Archive and Study Centre. We will forever value the friendship and service he has offered to all over many decades with the Trust.

PETT’s achievements over that last 52 years owe much to the team effort, played not only by our Trustees and the latest team of Craig, Maureen, Jo Jen, Debra, Vicky, Stephanie and Arlene, but also as a reflection of all that our users have contributed to the work of the PETT, its Archive and its Conference Centre. We thank you all for your commitment and support for the work of PETT and we hope you will continue to play an active role in the future with The Mulberry Bush Third Space (MB3).

For PETT's Trustees: We would also like to recognise and thank Fiona for all that she has done to steer the Transition Project through to such a positive outcome. We are pleased, and relieved, that the possibility for continued involvement with the archive and site has been achieved through the transfer to the Mulberry Bush; and are confident that the future holds great opportunity to further develop the archive and associated services to many different communities through learning from our past experiences and building on our many achievements. For MBO's Trustees: We are looking forward to supporting and realising these immense possibilities.

If you haven’t already joined the new Mulberry Bush/MB3 mailing list, please do so here, and the Mulberry Bush will be in touch again in the New Year.

At this time of year, we also want to take this opportunity to wish everybody a Happy Christmas and a healthy and peaceful 2019; and for the years to come as well.

With best wishes and thanks from both our charities,

The Trustees

The Planned Environment
Therapy Trust

The Trustees

The Mulberry Bush

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If you're coming to the "Celebrating Us" event on November 24 (remembering that you are the "Us" of which PETT is a part) here's an update:

Talking starts at 11.00 a.m. sharp. (It has to be sharp, because one of the Us who has already come forward to say something has to be away by 11.30!)

So, there will certainly be coffee and tea ready by 10.30, and people to say hello to before that. Many people and many cars are expected, so build parking time into your time.

Parking will be guided. At least one of Us will be outside helping/guiding.

We will be gathering in a heated marquee, on the old pool between the Barns House accommodation building, and the offices and Archive. Build in time for the steps and walking.

Lunch at 12.45. Vicky and her team are preparing even as we speak. After lunch, which is up in the main building, we will gather again in the marquee for more sharing.

We will end the formal gathering at 4.00 p.m. But no one will be rushed away, and a number of people are staying the night. And there will be cake.

Where is it all being held? But where else -
Planned Environment Therapy Trust
Church Lane
GL54 5DQ

Questions en route or on the day: 01242 621200

And there will be two Memory/Thoughtful Reflection Books around. Build in time to fill those in as well. We also hope to record the proceedings, as per tradition.

Thankyou and looking forward to seeing you!


19 November 2018


Goodbye, Sheila, and thankyou

sheila gatiss goodbye

The great tithe barn where the celebration for Sheila's life was held.
Conversations over, and everyone gone.



sheila gatiss 2018 046 01



Sheila's mindmap, circa 1999

sheila gatiss 2018 046 01 01

On the back:

"We didn't feel able to sum up all the different areas
of Mum's life - there were so many of them.
But Mum being Mum, she did one earlier!
It's not comprehensive and dates back to around
1999 but gives a feel of some of the strands in her life
and reminds us of the way she worked and that

beautiful handwriting!
This mindmap was prepared by Mum when a few
women in management formed
'Quaker Women in Management'"



And a final gift: A book from her library for the Archive and Study Centre Library

sheila gatiss 2018 046 02


Thankyou, for a life well lived, and for including the Planned Environment Therapy Trust in it.


Sharing Information about the future for the Planned Environment Therapy Archive, Library and Site - October 2018


Dear Friends, Colleagues, Supporters and Stakeholders,


We are pleased and excited to be taking over responsibility for the future of the Planned Environment Therapy Archive, the National Childcare Library, the site in Toddington and the many artefacts that it includes within communities’ collections. Mixed with our excitement is some trepidation at the scale of the challenge we face, as we know change is needed in order to secure a stable future - and we also know that change is difficult!


The Mulberry Bush is a charity, started in 1948 centred around a residential special school in rural Oxfordshire, accredited as a Therapeutic Community, from which additional services have grown to, in line with its charitable objective, reach more children, families and communities. (


We would like to share with you all, some of our thoughts and plans for the future for the archive, the library and the site. This sharing is made in good faith at a point in time where we have made a commitment for the next three years to try and find a way forward for the archive, library and site, but very aware that in order to achieve a successful outcome, there is a great deal of work to do and there are many questions to answer.


The agreement we have made with the PETT Trustee board is to take on the site, archive and library and to invest in time and resources that will aim to produce a viable future. We are very aware that despite the best efforts of the current team and teams before it in different iterations, this has not been possible to date. We will need everyone’s support to make a success of it!


In making this statement, we do not underestimate the strong attachments that individuals and groups have to the site, the archive and their collections within it and understand that this process has been very tough for many people.


The future is going to be different and if we are to be successful, we will need to find a way forward together. This communication will pull no punches.


Statement of Intent:

Our vision is to create a valuable addition to the services of The Mulberry Bush that supports its charitable objectives by providing a professionally run and managed archive and library for the education, health and social care sectors, - for adults, children and young people.

The new ‘service’ should be in keeping with the three core principles of The Mulberry Bush which are


psychodynamic thinking, collaborative working and reflective practice


It will be a welcoming place, open and accessible to all interested parties through a professionally managed team guided by appropriate policies and procedures. The costs of access should be kept to a minimum but should reflect the costs of running the service. It should therefore as a service be at least cost neutral. The archive and library should be sorted and managed in line with nationally agreed archiving practices and in such a way that makes access easy and understandable.


We will change the name of the site to be The Mulberry Bush Third Space (MB3), housing the Planned Environment Therapy Archive and the National Childcare Library.


The Mulberry Bush is proud of its therapeutic community and planned environment therapy history and believes these ways of working, established in a variety of ways in many organisations over recent history and articulated within archive collections, have a great deal to offer in the development of children’s and adult services into the future. The Mulberry Bush is committed to research and promoting research based practice and the archive and library have a valuable contribution to make to the progress of services in the sector and will provide a valuable addition to The Mulberry Bush Research Department, The Learning and Research Centre as well as the International Centre for Therapeutic Care.


The current position has been reached following lengthy conversations between the boards of PETT and The Mulberry Bush, meetings with consultants from the Wellcome Trust, gatherings with Stakeholders and negotiations with consultants, architects, planners, solicitors and many others.


We would like to thank them all for their hard work and support!


We are currently making arrangements to meet with stakeholders who have been in touch with us and look forward to talking with them. We would really like to remain in touch with all stakeholders and so would be very grateful if you could read through and complete the section below!


We will be in touch again with more detailed plans in the next few weeks!


Confidentiality and Data Protection

We need you to provide your details in order for us to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) and so that you can be sure that we protect your privacy. WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO BE IN TOUCH UNLESS YOU DO SO. Please complete our consent form online here: or complete the form below.


First name: …………………………………………… NB. All fields are required

Last Name: …………………………………………...

Email Address: …………………………………………...

Address 1: …………………………………………...

Address 2: …………………………………………...

Address 3: …………………………………………...

Postcode: …………………………………………...

County: …………………………………………...

Telephone: …………………………………………... Mobile: ……………………………………


Communication method:

Email ⃞  Phone ⃞  Text ⃞  Mail ⃞


I consent to The Mulberry Bush Organisation safely storing and using my contact information so that you can respond to my request. The Mulberry Bush Organisation will not share my information with any third party unless I give permission or they are required to do so by law. I know I can read more about this in the privacy policy:


Please return the above form as soon as possible to John Turberville, The Mulberry Bush Organisation Limited, Abingdon Road, Standlake, Oxon, OX29 7RW.


to be held at Barns Centre at the Planned Environment Therapy Trust premises in Toddington, Gloucestershire, GL54 5DQ


Many thanks to all those who have been in touch about our closing event in November, with ideas, RSVPs, and apologies!

One of our friends has suggested a slide show, and has even sent some pictures. If you have any favourite PETT-related photographs, send them and we'll put a loop together on the big screen. Be sure to include annotations, so we know what they are! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Building on the ideas shared with us so far, we propose a shape to the day something like this…

Coffee and tea will be available from 10.30am for those arriving on the day

The morning session will run between 11am and 1pm

What are you doing now? What part has PETT played? We're grateful that several people have already stepped forward to share where they are today and what they're doing, and how PETT has come into their story. Join them! A time for sharing and discussion.

Lunch will be served between 1pm and 2pm

We hope this allows enough time to enjoy good food and good company together as Vicky will serve us her usual wholesome fayre!

The afternoon session will run between 2pm and 3.30pm

This is still taking shape. One possibility includes: we would like to encourage everyone to speak about what PETT has meant to you.

Cake will be served at 3.30pm

4pm Formal close of the day...

....although we hope for music to play while we all take the time we need to say our farewells before heading safely home. Please feel free to bring along your instruments if you would like to be part of making the music!


Accommodation: As of this writing (Halloween) there are still rooms available if you would like to book accommodation with Jo for the 23rd or 24th of November.



Call or email Jo on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 01242 621200


If you're not able to join us on the day, why not put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and share with us what PETT has meant to you. It is important to us, and we would be grateful.


applesDear Friends,

In our last communication we shared with you the news that the Mulberry Bush Organisation had agreed to take responsibility for the Archive and Study Centre, including the National Child Care Library project, and the Toddington site.

As you can imagine there is a great deal of work being undertaken to make a good ending for PETT and to support, as Craig has recently put it, “a good landing on the other side”. We are working closely with the Mulberry Bush Organisation to contribute towards their development plan wherever possible and to that end we are openly sharing all feedback we have received since announcing the closure of PETT. We know that the Mulberry Bush are working towards sharing their outline plan with you all in the near future.

From a practical point of view, we are also working closely with a solicitor experienced in the transfer of assets and responsibilities at the point when one charity ceases to operate and to ensure that all i’s are dotted and t’s crossed to the requirements of the Charity Commission.

Importantly, our minds are focussed on ensuring there will be an opportunity for as many of us as possible to gather together to mark the ending of PETT and to celebrate the achievement of so much by so many in, through and with PETT.

To this end then, we are proposing that we gather together on 24 November to celebrate our lives, work and time together over the past 52 years. We would like for this to be a celebration of everything we have created and shared together, and of what you have gone on to create in the world beyond PETT. We would wish it as well to be an opportunity for the team here to say thank you, by reflecting on their journeys in and through PETT. Of course, we will anchor the celebration in the traditional Vicky-inspired and cake-filled way!

More details will follow but we ask you, if you can, to put November 24th into your diary and to RSVP so that we know how many people to cater for.


Please RSVP in the usual ways - by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by phoning 01242 621200, or even by writing to us at PETT, Church Lane, Toddington near Cheltenham, Glos. GL54 5DQ (United Kingdom).


For the November gathering we do not want simply to produce a formal programme ourselves. Rather we are keen that the occasion be co-created. Hence, we would be very grateful for your ideas about what could happen and be shown and seen. While inevitably tinged with sadness, we would love it to be a celebration in which you feel you can share what PETT has meant to you over the years: for example, what are you doing today that in some way came out of PETT, or that owes something to your association and experience of it and us? Give us an update on your projects and work!


We shall be in touch again very soon with further updates. And we hope to see many of you on 24 November.


Warm regards


The Trustees