Training and Events

calgroup3The Planned Environment Therapy Trust, at its base, the Barns Centre in Toddington, supports and promotes the ideas and methods essential to therapeutic practice and to nurturing therapeutic environments in 'everyday' as well as special settings.

Working alongside past and present therapeutic environments, and ever striving to expand these networks, we are a dynamic enterprise with an on-site archive and research library as well as conference facilities and residential accommodation.


Through consultancy, and through hosting and promoting programmes of diverse conferences and events, workshops and seminars, we are actively bringing people together in an environment where diverse experience, ideas and learnings can be shared and better understood to make a difference not just to those children and adults who are finding their way through traumatic and damaging experiences, but to all of us.


To express an interest in any of the activities and opportunities offered here, for further information, to receive regular email updates, or to create your own activity or event, please contact Joanna Jansen by email or phone 01242 621200