calgroup3The Planned Environment Therapy Trust, at its base, the Barns Centre in Toddington, supports and promotes the ideas and methods essential to therapeutic practice and to nurturing therapeutic environments in 'everyday' as well as special settings.

Working alongside past and present therapeutic environments, and ever striving to expand these networks, we are a dynamic enterprise with an on-site archive and research library as well as conference facilities and residential accommodation.


Through consultancy, and through hosting and promoting programmes of diverse conferences and events, workshops and seminars, we are actively bringing people together in an environment where diverse experience, ideas and learnings can be shared and better understood to make a difference not just to those children and adults who are finding their way through traumatic and damaging experiences, but to all of us.


To express an interest in any of the activities and opportunities offered here, for further information, to receive regular email updates, or to create your own activity or event, please contact Joanna Jansen by email or phone 01242 621200



PETT Workshops are one-day events which provide a space for professionals, students and practitioners to come together to explore and discuss key themes and ideas in therapeutic approaches to living and working together.

Led by our highly experienced Executive Director Richard Rollinson, these professional training workshops are open to individuals or groups wishing to further their understanding and knowledge of a certain subject or theme, or for those looking for group consultation.  They can also be tailored and delivered as in-house trainings to your organisation. 

Workshop Themes:

'Attachment and its Implications for Therapeutic Practice'

'The Emotional Development of Children and Young People'

'Issues Around Separation and Loss'

'Distinctive Elements in a Therapeutic Environment'

'Anxiety, Uncertainty and Ways of Knowing and Understanding'

'Leadership in and for Therapeutic Environments'

'Ethical Dilemmas and Actions in Therapeutic Practice'

'Culture, Containment and Belonging in Therapeutic Environments'

To express an interest in one of these courses or to receive regular email updates, please contact Joanna Jansen by email or phone 01242 621200


Looking for a place to meet up with old friends or colleagues? Want to know more about your own archives and heritage?

The 'Archive Weekend' was developed as part of the 'Therapeutic Living with Other People's Children' project, and is designed to offer communities or groups the opportunity to come together, share their experiences, and work on material relating to their experience. 

Our archive holds a wealth of material relating to different communities past and present, so an 'Archive Weekend' is an ideal wayfor people to engage with and contribute to their heritage in very practical and hands-on ways.

Groups can choose to be involved in a variety of activities: scanning, cataloguing and preserving their records, learning more about how an archive works and how to make the most of the information available.  Some groups engage with oral history, recording their own stories with the PETT oral historian, or taking part in workshops so they can record interviews with other members of their community. 

Training in specialist areas can be arranged in order to suit the groups' interest, be it managing and maintaing their own website, creating digital stories or learning more about how to properly preserve their archives.


Located in beautiful surroundings, our centre can provide onsite accommodation and a range of catering options to suit groups wanting to spend a few days. 

During a 'Weekend' (incidentally, these don't have to be 'weekends' at all but that's what we call them and we're sticking with it!) communities are encouraged to take the lead directing the team towards their own interests be it archives, oral history, web design, all or none of the above!

If you're interested in joining us and would like to create your own event, be it specific training or a more informal gathering; dipping in and out of different activities, having a look at the archive, or just having the chance to 'catch up' and share stories please do get in touch and let's see what we can do! 

Click here to read one former child's experience of the Wennington Archive Weekend, May 2012.