Spring has Sprung in Toddington. In this eNewsletter:

  1. New website launched
  2. Four new Guest Blogs
  3. Simon revamps the buildings and grounds
  4. Wider News and More to come
  5. Absent friends: Harry Karnac, Andrew Gordon, Martin Youett
  6. Present friends
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1. New website launched

Over the past few weeks there has been a bit of a revolution going on behind the tranquil face of the PETT website. With Spring beginning to burst around us, we have:

  • Moved Internet Service Providers,giving us more flexibility and space to develop new services and content (check out the new Oxford Project website pettrust.org.uk/oxford).
  • Completely moved the old Model-A manual shift (well, in Henry Ford's time there wasn't any other kind) Archive and Study Centre website into the latest version of the database-driven Content Management System we use (Joomla!). The site was so old that this had to be done by hand, page by page, link by link. A long process, but exciting because of what it now makes possible. It has been renamed 'the Resource Centre': and to the wealth of documents and publications already there, look for a slow but steady growth in information and content. Ideas welcome: pettrust.org.uk/archive.
  • Translated the old '57 Buick convertible automatic PETT site into the latest version of Joomla! No mean feat, but done.
  • Radically revised the whole website, streamlining and simplifying, clarifying the navigation, adding new features and information.

Please have a look. Much of the site is still in development, as you will see, and will be for a while; and in this flexible and growing period your thoughts and suggestions will be especially helpful. Please tell us of any snags and mistakes.  http://www.pettrust.org.uk.

2. Four new Guest Blogs

You wait six months and then four come along together.

Len Clarke, co-founder of the Early Pestalozzi Children Project, tackles language and impact in "One Person's Therapy Is Another's Trap, Yeh?"

Adrian Sutton, a Child & Family Psychiatrist previously at the Winnicott Centre, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, is now in Uganda, and sending regular bulletins. Troubles with the new website meant that they bunched up waiting for the launch, but there are now three:

3. Simon revamps the buildings and grounds

Apart from all the usual troubleshooting, maintenance and emergency repairs, has Simon Rossi, Buildings and Grounds Manager, really had time over the winter:
  • To take every window out of Barns House accommodation building, sand, repair, rebuild, revarnish and put it all back in again?
  • To prepare and repaint all the Barns House common spaces, and then have the stairs carpeted (after all these cold, hard years!)?
  • To oversee the external wall plastering of Barns House, and the complete renewal of the Common Room in the "New Building", including all-new lighting?
And, of course, that's not all. Visit and see. And keep your eyes open. Rich is going to ask for help going to town on the Barns House accommodation rooms.

4. Wider News and More to come

  • PETT Fellow Carolyn Mears announces the launch of the Sandy Hook Columbine Cooperative website, http://sandyhookcolumbine.org
  • May 6: House of Lords launch for Institute of Recovery from Childhood Trauma
  • May 8: New Cavendish Club launch for Child Care History Network "Lessons from History" campaign
  • May 9: Royal College of Psychiatrists venue for National Centre for Therapeutic Residential and Foster Care/CELCIS "London Learning Exchange Summit"
  • June 11: At PETT in Toddington, Wennington Old Scholars host an all-day Common Roots event (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

5. Absent Friends

"OK, OK. I mean I don't really mind talking about that, although I can't imagine who'll be interested, but there we go. "- Harry Karnac's opening words when asked to share the story of his life in a 2003 interview with archivist Craig Fees (CF448-449). It begins in Polish occupied Ukraine.

Remarkable people come in all shapes and sizes. We've recently learned of the deaths of Andrew Gordon, old Finchdonian and supportive member of pettconnect; Martin Youett, of Westhope Manor and Shotton Hall in the 1940s and 50s, known there as "The Professor"; and benefactor and donor Harry Karnac, whose sense of adventure led him from an East End childhood to build an eponymous world-renowned bookstore and international psychoanalytic publishing company. Does one shout for joy for having such people in the world; or fall back into other emtions at their absence?

6. Present friends

Recently seen around the place: volunteer David Trudgian, on the big green tractor mower; Caldecottian and volunteer Bob Lawton, cataloguing Caldecott collections; Matt Naylor, archivist and records manager for the Cabrini Children's Society, helping with the archive audit; Mulberry Bush School Director John Turberville settling down to some serious research; PhD. researcher Oisin Wall of Kings College London, exploring the Dialectics of Liberation Congress; Caroline Brown and David Lee of the Centre for Archives and Information Studies programme at the University of Dundee, meeting; and more or less the entire Trustee group, filling up the Garden Room with work and thoughts for the future.

And the kaki tree. If you haven't seen it recently, the latest photograph is here. Spring truly has sprung in Toddington.

What do you think of the new eNewsletter? Is it too long? Is it the wrong kind of stuff? Is it possible you'd like more? PETT is a great volunteer enterprise: your feedback will make you a volunteer as well. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..