The British government has created a number of ways to make tax efficient donations to charities. 

Gift-Aided Donation: If you are an elegible UK taxpayer, giving money through the Gift Aid Scheme will add 25p to every pound you give. By completing the Gift Aid Declaration form below, your £1 donation will become £1.25; your £100 donation will become £125.

Payroll Giving: If you pay tax or receive your pension through PAYE (Pay As You Earn), the Payroll Giving Scheme can save you 20% on every donation you make: If you give £100 through Payroll Giving, it will only cost you £80; if you give £10, it will only cost you £8.

Income Tax Relief and Capital Gains Relief: If you give qualifying assets to the Trust, or sell them to the charity for less than their market value, you can claim either Income Tax Relief (on land or buildings in the UK, or qualifying shares) or Capital Gains Relief (on any asset), and thereby reduce your tax bill.

Legacy: You can leave a gift to the Trust in your will, the value of which will not be included in the valuation made on your estate for the purposes of Inheritance Tax.

For more detailed information, please see the HMRC's website on tax efficient giving.  


Direct donations from individuals and groups make an essential contribution to our work each year.


Donations can be made online at any time using BT's MyDonate facility.

BT operates MyDonate as a free fundraising service for charities, which means it takes no commission, and there is no deduction from donations by BT for providing this service. However,  credit card companies will make a 1.3% charge, and debit cards take a flat 15p for all transactions.


Donations can also be sent in the old-fashioned way directly to The Planned Environment Therapy Trust at Barns House, Church Lane, Toddington near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 5DQ


Gift Aid Form

To make a Gift Aid Declaration please print or download the Gift Aid Declaration form below. If you donate through the online MyDonate facility, you will complete a Gift Aid Declaration form as part of the process.