PETTConnect is an email group for members of schools and communities which have archives in the Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive, as well as students, researchers and professionals who wish to work together to network, learn, promote understanding, explore, support P.E.T.T., support one another, develop projects and programmes, and engage generally in the work of the Trust and the wider development of its possibilities.


PETTConnect is a online community email discussion group created to develop an ongoing conversation between the Trust and everyone who would like to see it become an ever more effective resource. It's as simple as that!  At any one time it can be a forum for the exchange of information, a sandbox for ideas and potential projects, or a two-way lobbying device. 

By signing up, you'll receive and be able to send emails to everyone else in the group (details of individuals' emails are kept private) opening up exciting opportunities for exchange and conversation.

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