PETT 'At Homes' are unique residential opportunities to come together in a relaxed and informal setting to meet and share experiences, with good food, in beautiful countryside.


Maurice Bridgeland"Winding Up the Week" - An occasion for professionals to debrief in the facilitated comfort of Barns Centre, beginning together with a lovely home-cooked evening meal on Friday, followed by discussion before winding up for the night; ready for Saturday morning's cooked breakfast, facilitated discussion, refreshments and breaks, and the rich feast of a Saturday lunch before a wrapping-up discussion, and a return, refreshed and inspired, to home, family, and professional responsibilities.

"Meetings with Remarkable Friends":  Like 'Winding Up the Week', but focused on the memories and reflections of friends and colleagues, sitting back in their metaphorical easy chairs, sharing experiences and thoughts and engaging in thoughtful discussion. It begins with a shared meal, it concludes with a shared meal, and there may even be wine after hours in the evening.

"Archive Weekends": Radical At-Homes. Members of communities whose archives are held in the Archive and Study Centre coming together over several days for meals, sharing experiences, exploring their archives, recording their memories, and engaging in a range of practical activities designed to gather and preserve the fullest possible story of their community, in order to help others - and themselves - to understand it all better.

"Hot Soup and Stories": Drawing on the audio-visual and oral history resources of the Archive and Study Centre, these tailored events are opportunities to become immersed in stories by and about therapeutic environments, from rarely seen films and recordings to books and archival documents. Explore and learn while sharing experiences and reflections with others.


[Photograph: The late Maurice Bridgeland, at the "I find it hard to speak" At Home in 2006}


Location: Barns Centre, Toddington
Cost: By negotiation:  includes all meals, refreshments and overnight accommodation


To express an interest in these events, for further information, or to receive regular email updates, please contact Joanna Jansen by email or phone 01242 621200