David Kennard interviews David Clark in Dr. Clark's Cambridge home over the weekend of February 15-16, 1997. The DAT recorder worked beautifully


Adam Green, County Archivist for Somerset, being interviewed by Andy Vivian of BBC Radio Gloucestershire at a meeting of the South West Region of the Society of Archivists on May 13, 2000. The foundations of what is now called "The Garden Room" can be seen rising through the old wooden double doors. Adam Green later became a Trustee of P.E.T.T.


Senior archivist and brilliant story-teller Michael Willis-Fear being interviewed at the Archive by Craig Fees in 1997 for the Society of Archivists' 50th anniversary oral history project, which was co-ordinated from PETT.


Emma Griffiths of the Cotswold Community being interviewed in the Archive by theatre students from Alcester Grammar School in 2010, as part of the "Therapeutic Living With Other People's Children" project.  Emma's story formed the basis of the students' original production, called "Other People's Children', the DVD of which is in the Archive.


Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Judith Issroff interviewing Sir Richard Bowlby in 2007 about the life and career of his father, John Bowlby.


Left: Dr. Ronald St. Blaize Molony being interviewed in his home, 2005 / Right: Dr. David Clark, recording session for his 1999 van der Linden Lecture.  Both are wearing the "Harold Bridger" microphone, a lapel microphone bought by archivist Craig Fees on his way to record his first interview with Harold Bridger in 1996. 


Sue Christie's photograph of Craig Fees interviewing Peter Farrell about life at Red Hill School as the son of the well-loved Matron, Marion Farrell, 2010.



First: Masha Pichugina and Maria Krivenkova of Kitezh and Orion Children's Communities, interviewed for RadioTC International in 2007 / Second: Specialist Curator Albert Lamb being interviewed in the Garden Room by Swedish artist and researcher Emanuel Almborg, 2012



"Therapeutic Living with Other People's Children" oral history training event, 2010: Maggie Campbell, Gemma Geldart, Sara Fisher


Transcribing is Fun! So say Pat Mitchell and Chris Long, left, and Trustee Linnet McMahon, right


"Therapeutic Living With Other People's Children" ATA (Assessment, Training and Advisory) Event on Transcription. Oral historian Cynthia Brown discussed the event in her guest blog on Oral History in 2012.


"Therapeutic Living WIth Other People's Children" Trinity Catholic School students meet 'Maladjusted Children' event: Left: Tom James being interviewed by student Carlos Pestana. Right: Billy Brindle being interviewed by student Rachel Laking


A creative mixing of cultures: Barry Northam (Mulberry Bush School and Caldecott Community child) with his wife Eileen, and Robert Clark (Caldecott Community) standing, with Peter Still (Red Hill School, sitting), in shared discussion with Trinity Catholic School students Sam Knights, Flora Garner and Roisin Hobson


Oral historian and playwright Rib Davis working with Trinity Catholic School students on transforming transcripts into scripts, during the 2011 Performance Archive Weekend at PETT during "Therapeutic Living With Other People's Children". Roisin Hobson, Jodie Harrington and Sam Knights.


Project oral historian Gemma Geldart interviewing Trix Cook, 2010


Oral Historian in the field. Literally. 2012