Playing to audiences across Britain and Europe over the past 6 years and using objects gathered during his long career living and working with troubled children, young people and the adults who try to help them, this is your chance to catch 'Rhetrorich' aka Rich Rollinson – backed by a “cast of hundreds” and with full audience participation - presenting his acclaimed half day performance of “Brief Lives Revisited: The Mute Objects Speak”

For a donation of at least £300 [plus any expenses for him to attend] Rich will perform to groups of 5 to 50+ giving voice to children 's experiences and their unique “takes” on the world, on themselves and on their ways of telling us what we need to know in order to understand them better and respond more thoughtfully when seeking to meet their needs.

rich02Before your very eyes Richard will address key issues and questions such as:

What is the Queen doing at her Garden Parties, and why should we care?

R2D2 – merely a piece of cinematic epiphenomena? You will be the judge.

Where were you when Bambi's mother was shot? Rhetorich tells his tale of trauma!

What connects a torch, a caravan and Air Force One? And why is that connection relevant to us?

Surely the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics offers nothing to inform our work! Or does it?

Did Da Vinci's helicopter actually work? And so what if it did!

What are the real ingredients in a Crème Egg, and why won't Rich eat one?

What best fits in an egg cup and what does Superman really fear most?

These revelations and many more will be unveiled during the performance.

Approaching this important subject in his highly individual way, Rich can help people both deepen their insight and develop their own different “take” on how our inner worlds are given expression in the outer world of external reality. As a consequence they may well be able more fully to bring who they are to what they do,  whether they are directly involved with troubled children or simply genuinely interested in understanding better this world in which we live, work and play.

This is an opportunity for individuals, teams/groups and entire organisations to experience together a way of thinking that can then usefully be transferred directly to  their own active engagement with people. A performance intended simultaneously to entertain, challenge and inform can prove to be for many people a useful and much needed change of pace in which the strange can become quite familiar and the familiar for a time can become strange and freshly understood!

And here's a preview!

So walk, don't run - OK, run if you must - to your computer or phone and book a performance, negotiating a time and venue that best suits you.

Be the first on your block to book this tour de farce, I mean force, by emailing or calling the Barns Centre 01242 621200


1. For groups of over 50 a larger donation would be most welcome. In fact for groups even smaller than that a larger donation would be most welcome!

2. If you are interested, 'Rhetrorich' can stay on for a full day and run a Workshop in which participants can begin to identify their “objects” and start writing up the tales they contain.

3. Whenever possible, a donation given in a form where Gift Aid would be received too would be much appreciated.