It takes a village to raise a child. What does it take to create a remarkable and unique Research Library? A library which really reflects the fullness, diversity and fine detail of:

  • special schools, and democratic schools;
  • of home education and personalised education;
  • of prison therapeutic communities, and hospital therapeutic communities;
  • of addictions therapeutic communities,
  • children's communities, 
  • alternative communities,
  • intentional communities of attachment

And more.

To reflect the richness of interests and influences of the individuals who have established, built, passed through, formed, re-formed, abandoned and been part of the life and history of education and therapeutic change  - to build a library of a Community  -  takes a Community. 

The lists below are the names of people who have given books, journals, theses and dissertations, and other forms of publications to the Library. Some of these publications are so enriched with inscriptions and/or annotations that they have become archival obhects: How very special to have the living thoughts and underlinings of a known person falling open in the pages of a book they owned! And how much more exciting when that book is inscribed and tells us when, where, and sometimes even how that book came into their possession. 

In reading through the lists below, use your imagination: Where an entire professional library has been given to the Archive and Study Centre, just imagine what ephemera, forgotten essentials, limited press-runs, self-publications, conference detritus, and shining exemplars of a professional moment will be in among the classics and the standards? Imagine the clues to personal and professional associations.

When looking at the list of people who have given theses and dissertations, which come from across all the fields covered by the Archive and Study Centre, and some of which have literally been lovingly saved from the skip, ask yourself:  where else will you - can you - find these?

Whole personal and professional histories are uniquely preserved here. This is why the Research Library is such a unique, co-created research resource.


Gifts of whole or personal/professional libraries 

Josephine Lomax-Simpson, including the library of the Hutchinson Settlement

Roy Prideaux

Alexander Gobell

Chris Beedell

David Millard

Richard Crocket

Harold Bridger

David Clark

Terry Bridgeman

Robin Benians

Susan Brinkworth

Arthur Barron

Robert Laslett

David Lane, including the FICE Library

John Visser

Sue Warren-Holland

David Warren-Holland and via him, Tom Douglas

Haydn Davies Jones via David Clark


Gifts of significant personal/professional collections

Howard Jones

Jo Moad

Miriam Tebbs via Sidney Hill

Malcolm Pines

Caroline Whitehead

Albert Lamb

Pauline Weinstein

Helen Frye

Harry Karnac

David Gribble

Sheila Gatiss

David Wills



Gifts of Books, Journals and Other Publications, Old and New

Tom Harrison

Nicholas Wolff

Christopher Reeves

Michael Brookes

Belinda Swift

Jamie Bennett

Teresa von Sommaruga Howard

Mark Sevia

Bob Campbell

Mary Jannaway

Fabian Tompsett

Ann Hales-Tooke

Nick Jones

Neil Buick

David Long

Dorothy Hamilton

Liz Rolls


Alan Fox

Jim Hyland

David Kennard

John Cross

Tony Rees

Rosemary Lilley

Judith Stinton

Peter Holmes

Mike Pegg

Billie Pugh

Roland and Janet Meighan

Andrea Chandler

Colin Ward

Elizabeth Lawrence

Desmond Draper

Richard Musgrove

Gudrun Bjorck

Ann Lee

Lea Elliott

Matthew Appleton

Ernie Thomas/Wennington Old Scholars

Anthony Rodway

George Shaw

Rai Clews

Audrey Beaton

Robert Clark

John Brown

Sonia Brown

Bryn Purdy

Robin Balbernie

John Lyward

Michael Parker

Martin Parsons

Martine Telders

Eleanor Barnes

Joseph Berke

Peter O'Shea

Chris Browning

Bob Young

Mike Nellis

John Hopton

Bob Hinshelwood

Jerry Mintz

Sylvia Green

Janet Adetunji

June Blackmore

Peter Stephenson

Anne Naylor

Kenneth Barnes

Ley Melrose

Hilary Sinclair

Carolyn Lunsford Mears

Rosemary Hoggett

Lesley Barton

Siegfried Rudel

Sue Matoff

John Potter

Gillian Russell

Julie Carlson

Craig Fees

David Dean

Linda Frost

Mary Harding

Richard Rollinson

Jonathan Croall

Marcello Macario

Owen Booker

Jonathan Adamson

Axel Kuhn

Maddy Loat

Thilo Fitzner

Jenny Blackmore

Danny Houston

Linnet McMahon

Gill Connan

Barbara Rawlings

Stijn Vandevelde

Jan Lees

Brian Gannon

Robert Powell

Simon Rodway

Sidney Hill

Chris Evans

Stewart Dixon

John Hansen

Cynthia Cross

Paul Willetts

Paul Zeal

Peter Millar

Keith White

Centre for Personalised Education

Charles Sharpe

Rex Haigh

Bridget Dolan

Trish Thomas

Sam Doncaster

Gill Cook

Terry Quy

Bernice Roust

Patrick Tomlinson


Theses and Dissertations

Stijn Vandevelde

Keith Burnett

David Millard

David Clark

Margaret Doncaster (via Sam Doncaster)

Gurjeet Chaudhry (via Mike Nellis)

Les Spencer

Ricardo Piscopo

Helen Spandler

Miram Tebbs (via Sidney Hill)

Maddy Loat

Peter Holmes

Chris Tanner

Michael Bennett

Danielle McDonald

Anna Brown

Liz Rolls

Howard Jones (via Bess Jones via Pauline Weinstein)

Clare Hickman

Martin Levy

John Adams

Robert Johns

Thomas Cuming

Joy Wharton

Valerie Stumbles

Damien McLellan

Linnet McMahon:
(Dissertations submitted for the MA in Therapeutic Child Care Course, Reading University)

John Rivers 

John Diamond

Denise Ledger

Dave Roberts

Polly SHields

John Turberville

Lorraine Easterbrook 

Jennifer Sanders

Emily Carrick

Simon Peacock

Susan Wightwick

Robin Johnson

Amria Ulloa

Lisa Burns

Kevin Keenan

David Lane

Carolyn Mears

Eryl Fryer



Henderson Hospital

The Library of the National Children's Bureau Practice Development Department

Selections from Library of National Centre for Excellence in Residential Child Care

Selections from Barnes Medical Library, U of Birmingham

Selections from Birmingham Medical Institute Library

Selections from Finchden



If you have published or unpublished material which needs a good home among other kindred writings, please let us know.