Not everyone knows that since 2010 the Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre has been the formal place of deposit for the Mulberry Bush School archives, which reach all the way back to 1947. On the back of that, Dr. Craig Fees at PETT and Dr. David Jones at the University of East London applied to the British Academy for a Small Research Grant to compare the Mulberry Bush case records with the case records of the immensely influential Q Camps/Hawkspur Camp, 1936-1940. One aim was to complement the University of East London's Mulberry Bush impact and outcomes study then in progress (hint: they do a good job).

David is now at the Open University, and still leading the "Charting the Links" project, with regular research visits to the Archive. Between them, PETT and the British Academy grant made it possible to catalogue and re-catalogue the Mulberry Bush children's files (thankyou Belinda Boyes!), with special attention to children's histories and how their difficulties and progress were described. David recently turned all this into a Word Cloud, which graphically ranks the frequency with which words are used. It is fascinating, and with thanks to David we present it below.

'Charting the links between community therapies, psychiatric diagnosis and Mental Health policy: A Study of the archives of Hawkspur Camp (1936-1940) and Mulberry Bush School (1948-2000)

mb wordcloud

Mulberry Bush word cloud. Dr. David Jones. August 2018.