2018 001 001

The hint of adventure in this image, as Jeremy Harvey handed research materials to the archivist on a flying Winter visit.
A biscuit tin, containing recorded voices. Inside - imagine the excitement: seven audio cassette recordings. Voices of those who had known and been influenced by George Lyward, and Finchden Manor.


Jeremy's PhD thesis, "A Study of George Lyward: His Ideas and Their Application to Contemporary Education" (University of Exeter 1991) led to the book "Valuing and Educating Young People: Stern Love the Lyward Way", published by Jessica Kingsley in 2006. Here, in this accession, some of the raw materials: documents, photographs, scrapbooks, recordings, publications.


Jeremy is a former Trustee of the Planned Environment Therapy Trust. When he retired from the Trust he looked back over his years with us: "Thank you PETT".

And see an earlier post: "Long Live Our Creativity", Jeremy's meditation on the Archive, and on creativity in education.