Bob Lawton (right), in characteristic thoughtful pose,
4 September 2017, Caldecott Association Archive Week.

 bobel0222 September 2017. PETT Archivist Craig Fees writes:

We have had the very sad news that our good friend Bob Lawton, who began as an infant at the Caldecott Community in 1942, died unexpectedly this morning. When he rediscovered the Community through the website a few years ago he became a wonderful source of support and activity, building up the Caldecott Association's website, filling it with pictures and information, wrestling with the strange and wonderful issues that online technology throws up. More recently he helped the Association edge further into the online age by helping to shepherd its first online eNewsletter into production. Here at the Archive he has been a steady and reliable friend, bringing us fuchsias which he grew up from cuttings, making his way steadily through cataloguing the many components that make up the SA/CA collections - the memories and documents and photographs that Caldecott people have saved and cherished, and even adding to them with his recording of oral history. He then went further, by helping us to tackle some of the Archive's other cataloguing backlogs, most notably meticulously cataloguing the very extensive and rich audio and video collection that came last year from Dennie Briggs.

Bob was an engineer. I shall miss his steady hand and approach to things, and his sense of humour. I shall miss helping to solve problems with the technology. I shall miss his quiet sense of support and friendship. What a profound testament to Caldecott and Miss Leila he was.

How do you come to love and respect a community you were never part of? By the people who were there.

Thankyou, Bob.