matt 2017

35 audiocassettes, 2 gramophone records, 612 slides...Matt Naylor, formerly Assistant Archivist for the Planned Environment Therapy Trust and now Archivist for the Institute of Our Lady Of Mercy relaxes in the specially-prepared digitisation suite in the User's Room of the PETT Archive and Study Centre. Who else would take a week's holiday to digitise an admittedly fascinating collection of oral histories of Sisters of Mercy, as well as recorded services of celebration, music, and more, including images from IOLM congregations and ministries around the world?

It was a pleasure to have Matt's sense of humour and commitment in the Archive again; and the good news is: There is at least as much again to be digitised, and if times and holidays are on our side we will see him again.

As Matt catalogues his digital discoveries, perhaps we can also look forward to the odd excursion into blogs?