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One of the joys around Barns House at the moment is the creative take-over by Bobbin  & Twine workshops, and the transformations of our spaces into colourful dens and work/play places for creative children and adults.


"We love making things by hand ...So we love to teach these skills in a practical and hands on way, while working alongside people we care about and respect to build a bespoke world, for us and our families."


And we love the colour and design that re-shape Barns Centre on workshop days. We love the scents, and baked chocolate chip cookies (other kinds of biscuits available!), and the colours of different squashes in cold glass pitchers. We love the sounds of children flying kites they've just made. We love the ice creams in hand. We love the manual skill and visual imagery on show.


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 The tutors are experienced and skilled mums from the local community; the liveliness and enthusiasm are infectious.


"We love to host groups for collective learning, or projects. These can be at our peaceful and stimulating venue with residential accommodation [talking about Barns House and grounds!], or at a venue of your choice. They are usually practical based, learning new skills to deliver a collective end result. It is possible to run a group event for an hour or 2 days depending on what you would like to achieve.

So if it's a WI group who would like to learn more about felting, a hen who would like a weekend party with a difference, or a significant birthday for someone who deserves a craft retreat please don't hesitate to get in touch to find out more about what we have to offer."


Or if you are a member of the PETT community...what could be better?

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Spot the kites!

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 Bobbin & Twine  Website,  Facebook Page, and Instagram.


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(The bracelet and kite-flying pictures are from the Bobbin & Twine Facebook page. The rest are by PETT)