RadioTC International flourished wonderfully between 2006 and 2009, throwing almost 300 therapeutic community podcasts of all kinds and dimensions out onto the World Wide Web, and even creating a presence on virtual-reality webspace Secondlife. If you haven't come across it before, it was one of the information and outreach projects of the Therapeutic Community Open Forum (TC-OF) and consisted of audio, video, text and powerpoints made from and by therapeutic communities and therapeutic community people around the world. secondlife postcard

RTCI carried the vision and scope of the earlier Joint Newsletter to the Internet, using the wide-open digital platform created by TC-OF to share music, interviews, conferences, meetings, lectures, art work, archives, literature, news, research and the enthusiasm of therapeutic community members and professionals from almost every continent, and even in multiple languages. It was the radio and media station for an online community of therapeutic community; and like the Joint Newsletter itself (which flourished from 2001-2004) was a combined effort of the Planned Environment Therapy Trust, the Association of Therapeutic Communities, the Charterhouse Group of Therapeutic Communities, and the Community of Communities, with the major addition of the European Federation of Therapeutic Communities.

RTCI ground to a halt as a working and growing medium in 2009 when rapid changes in the world of the Internet outstripped the strapped resources of PETT and TC-OF to keep up with them: One too many software glitches sheered off links to audio files, made the labour involved in restoring them (much less making new ones!) both Sisyphean and Augean, and hid the visible routes to accessing them: All of the RTCI files stayed where they were, on the TC-OF server, and with ingenuity and perseverance can still be downloaded from the TC-OF website - but by the time reliable and sustainable playback tools had come along to make the podcasts readily accessible, it was too late for RadioTC International.  The world's therapeutic community online broadcaster had gone into mothballs.

However, leaping into the present  - and prompted by Alan Miller at the recent Community of Communities Annual Forum, who asked about his 2007 podcast "Making Sense Out of Chaos in Therapy" - we are pleased to announce that we have sourced what we think will be reilable and sustainable playback tools, and have restored links to almost all of the programmes on RadioTC International. The original files are still on the Therapeutic Community Open Forum server, if you are one of those people who enjoy the challenge of a technical work-around - but if you'd simply like the opportunity to hear and see them with relatively little hassle, you now can, through the medium of the Archive and Study Centre section of the PETT website.

Go to:

RadioTC International

click on

"Complete List of Programmes"

and enjoy the legacy.


(The files and any associated documentation are also stored and can be accessed at the Archive and Study Centre as part of the TC-OF/RTCI Collection.)


Secondlife image thanks to Ian Milne