Navy veterans Dennie Briggs and Rod Odgers are interviewed by Nathan Johnson for the "Veterans Voices" program on Contra Costa Television. 

In Part 1 Dennie Briggs and Rod Odgers discuss their work at the experimental therapeutic community set up at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Oakland, California (1955-1956) under pioneering psychiatrist and psychotherapist Dr. Harry Wilmer, going on to establish an all-new Therapeutic Community Program at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Yokosuka, Japan (1956-58).

In Part 2 they discuss the realities of being gay in the military at that time.

The extended version of the original, unedited interview is available in the PETT Archive.



These programmes were originally broadcast in 2017 on Contra Costa Television's "Veterans' Voices" program, and are presented here with the generous permission of Contra Costa Television and the Veterans' Voices team.  Go to the Veterans' Voices website.  These brief programs have been edited from a much longer recorded interview, a copy of which is available in the PETT Archive and Study Centre.


Veterans' Voices is a monthly live, call-in talk show, focusing on the issues veterans face as they transition back to civilian life.


Interviewer Nathan Johnson is the Contra Costa County Veterans Service Officer, and Host of Veterans' Voices.


For more details on the Naval Hospitals discussed in these programs, see Dennie Briggs, "In the Navy", on the PETT website.


UPDATE : the full interview added (April 24. 2017)