This is a digitisation of PP/AWN/RR/02, a reel to reel recording made by Finchden Manor old boy and staff member Alan Wendelken and held in the Archive and Study Centre as part of the Alan Wendelken Collection. As it nears the end of Side 1 the dictation tape begins to slow down, distorting the sound; but it resumes at normal speed on Side 2. The recording is presented here thanks to the generosity of Claire Wendelken and John Lyward (for his thoughts, see below).


george lyward pp-awn


Having listend to this recording, Mr. Lyward's son John writes:

"My first reaction on hearing him speak was to think how unlike him it sounded.  He was an excellent impromptu speaker, but he was clearly reading from a script and particularly at the beginning it lacked the flow - and smile - of his normal 'lecture' delivery. The content, of course, was excellent if somewhat dense."

It is presented here because the content is excellent, and timely.

There are many photographs by Alan Wendelken in the Alan Wendelken Collection, and it is difficult to find one where George Lyward is not either smiling or laughing, either overtly, or in the eyes. This one comes very close, and is graced by a cat.

John Lyward and PETT would be grateful to anyone willing to transcribe the talk into text. If you can (indeed, if you have already done it), please get in touch with Craig Fees.


For more on George Lyward and Finchden Manor, see Mr. Lyward's Web Page




Photograph by Alan Wendelken.