The background work had been done: Croft Casting had created a beautiful plaque, incorporating design ideas and words by Damien McLellan; Winchcombe Reclamation had a retired railway sleeper; Antony Jansen turned the sleeper into a timber standard, with the plaque securely mounted; Craig Fees and Mike Gorman carefully packaged and drove the 2.6m x 278mm x 130mm (8' 5" x 11" x 5") creosote-suffused timber from North Gloucestershire to the South tip of Kent...and then the installation began.


img 3501

Major Beven of the MOD (centre left) suggests a site where the main footpath around Reinden Wood meets the main entrance to the restricted MOD land, in the woods beyond which Reinden Wood House itself had stood. The site is just off the car park, in a highly visible triangle shaded and protected by an overhanging tree. It is an excellent choice. The team prepares to dig and document.

img 3506

The hole needs to be two and a half to three feet deep, and everyone pitches in: Damien's son Jack


img 3509



img 3522






img 3524



The timber cemented and the hole filled back in, Jack takes the photograph.

img 5941


img 3528

In place.


img 3540

In situ.


img 3547