How many stories are wrapped up in this accession, part of 2016.014, given by the children of Margaret Barron, who died at the age of 98 on January30th (she would have been 99 on February 1st), and whose funeral on February 16th, held at St. Peter's Church, Shaftesbury, was full of life, music and joy?

The selvage from a sheet of Post Office stamps issued in the 1930s, with advertisements for a Post Office "Home Safe", has been put to use in a time of austerity to stick a label on the back of a photograph. In the practical world of the new Q Camp at Hawkspur Green (begun in 1936), the first step to building sheds and workshops is - a carpenter's bench.


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Margaret and Arthur Thomas Barron met later, at a progressive childrens home for refugees in Lincolnshire called Lynwode Manor, where they married; and spent their early married life in therapeutic camps, hostels, and finally running a therapeutic childrens home after the War in Surrey while Arthur - "Bunny", as he was better known - trained under Anna Freud as a child psychotherapist.

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At work building the bench.


Among the treasures in the new accession are unique photographs of Lynwode Manor, Q Camps (below, in an unstaged view of domestic life not paralleled in other photographs of Q), Ida Saxby's shortlived therapeutic residential school at Rest Harrow Abbey, and places still to be identified. Arthur, who co-founded the Planned Environment Therapy Trust in 1966, became a busy consultant to children's facilities throughout the SouthWest and West.

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For a detailed sketch of Arthur Barron's life and career, see this "Preface" to an article by Arthur Barron written in 1943, "Children's Hostels."


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This photograph has no note on the back. Where was it taken? What was the game?