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Harold Bridger (1909-2005) was a mathematician who became a psychoanalyst, having been a teacher.  He was an officer during the Second World War, and a major actor in the invention and creation of the Second Northfield Experiment:  indeed, in the subhistory of that era it may well have been Harold Bridger, rather than Tom Main, who brought the term "therapeutic community" to bear to define the work being pioneered at Northfield. He is one of the taproots in the 20th century history of therapeutic community.

He was a founder member in 1946 of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, and using his psychoanalytic insights and drawing on the work of Donald Winnicott, developed a global consultancy on organisational dynamics. But he also had a childhood and early life, as described in this short selection from a longer interview recorded at the Tavistock Institute on October 30, 1996.

The interview was arranged by Dr. Lesley Caldwell, for which we continue to be grateful. His insights in these times would be immensely valuable.


 From (T) CF0192 Recorded interview with Harold Bridger by Craig Fees 30 October 1996

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