shama lle september 2015
Front row L to R: Swathi, Revati, Madhu, Arushi, Seerat, Sam, Richa, Sandhya
Middle row L to R: Deeksha, Caroline, Madhura, Shama, Mahima
Last Row L to R: Pranav, Nikita, Anando


September 17, 2015


Dear Everyone,


Hank Nunn Institute (HNI) conducted its first Living Learning Experience for students over the last weekend. The preparation phase for this LLE lasted for more than six months. We are now filled with a sense of achievement for having successfully conducted our first LLE in India!


I am sending a report on the same - see it here. This report is a combination of a short intro to the LLE by Anando along with an interesting title, and a reflective note by two of the participants. This includes a collage which will give you a complete picture of the atmosphere that was created during the LLE.


We are now looking forward to conducting an LLE for professionals in November. Rex Haigh, Jan Lees, and Sandra Kelly from the UK will be the facilitators for the same. They will be visiting Bangalore for 15 days. We are working towards organising a couple of symposiums, the LLE, and a visit to rural clinics in Calicut as well. I will keep you posted.


We will hopefully be conducting video conferences/seminars in collaboration with Institute of Mental Health, University of Nottingham, and Centre for Social Futures. Gary Winship is supporting us with this. 


I am very excited about our international relations building!


Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm,






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