pp mef 01 02 001The Archive has six diaries or notebooks of trips that early psychoanalyst and therapeutic community pioneer Marjorie Franklin took between 1903, when she was 16, and 1915, when she was 27 and a medical student. The latter notebook recorded her medical service in France in the early stages of World War I, an experience which may have contributed to her decision to specialise in psychological medicine and ultimately to train in psychoanalysis.

At the time of the second travel diary, transcribed here by Dr. Linnet McMahon, she was 20 and a student under Charlotte Mason at the House of Education in Ambleside. Returning from Italy, she would start her final year as a senior, at the end of which she would graduate with a 1st: "she has a most thorough knowledge of our principles..." wrote Charlotte Mason to Marjorie's mother at the beginning of 1908, in response to the 1st; and later commented, "she has her heart in it [work with children], and knows!"

After Marjorie's graduation, Charlotte Mason placed her first as a governess, and then onto the staff of a PNEU school; which Marjorie left to take up medicine. We see her here in what appears to be her first international visit; breaking the ground for her war service in France, and later studying under Sandor Ferenczi in Hungary, and visiting Sigmund Freud in Vienna.



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Postcard from Marjorie Franklin's second visit to Italy, in March 1908.

We have picture postcards of this visit, but no corresponding diary, sadly.